The vision of the Tanzania Mission Partners at Prince of Peace is to hold us in Christ and free us to walk shoulder to shoulder [Bega Kwa Bega] with our brothers and sisters in Bomalang’ombe, the Iringa Diocese, and Tanzania.

Tanzania Blog – 2017 Trip Report

Our Trees are Growing in Tanzania

Last spring, we collected nickels (and dimes, quarters and bills too) to help out the Millions of Trees initiative with our partners in the Iringa Diocese of Tanzania.  Our 10,000 trees continue on the journey to provide a sustainable income for farmers throughout Iringa, to reduce the effects of deforestation and to bring hope to the whole world, one tree at a time. Take a look…

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New Mission Partners: Friends of Huruma

The Huruma Centre is a ministry of the Iringa Diocese in Tanzania and provides a safe home, nurture, nutrition and education for children who, for a variety of reasons, have no family or others to care for them.  On Sunday, April 8th, Pastor Chris Smith, Coordinator of the Friends of Huruma will be our guest preacher. Friends of Huruma will help provide care for the children of the Huruma Centre through mutual relationship, prayer, financial support, and programs that enrich the lives of the children.

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Tanzania Partnership Update

The generosity of the members of Prince of Peace in support of our partnership with Bomalang’ombe is truly inspiring. We’ve shared your gifts in so many ways with our partners in Tanzania. At our dinner in November we were honored to have Bishop Gaville and his wife Pamela as our guests.

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Bwana Asifiwe: Tanzania Photo Journal Published

Deb Mundinger was one of those who traveled from Prince of Peace to Tanzania this past fall as they visited our partner congregation in the village of Bomalang’ombe.  Deb always had her camera close at hand and took, literally, thousands of pictures of the groups travels throughout the country.  She has now compiled many of her images and published them in a photo journal alongside some reflections from the trip.  A copy of the bound journal, entitled “Bwana Asifiwe,” is available to be viewed in the library at Prince of Peace.

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Heading home

We said our goodbyes to our amazing driver Kulwa, and are ready to head home.  It's been an amazing trip and we look forward to sharing more stories when we get home!

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Last day in Tanzania

We spent the morning at the Village Museum, an open air museum that shows examples of different types of houses.  We also saw a demonstration by traditional dancers.  Participation was encouraged! We enjoyed a relaxing lunch at Slipway with a final chance...

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Tanzania Mission

The vision of the Tanzania Mission Partners at Prince of Peace is to hold us in Christ and free us to walk shoulder to shoulder [Bega Kwa Bega] with our brothers and sisters in Bomalang’ombe, the Iringa Diocese, and Tanzania.  We will strive to nurture relationships, create understanding, and grow in faith together through prayer, education, sharing, and communication.

Since 1999, Prince of Peace has participated in mission work at the Bomalang’ombe parish, in Tanzania. The Saint Paul Area Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is partnered with the Iringa Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania. There are over 60 Parishes in the Iringa Diocese, and nearly all of them are partnered with congregations in the Saint Paul Area Synod. Prince of Peace is partnered with the Bomalang’ombe Parish in the Iringa Diocese.

As part of our covenant with Bomalang’ombe Parish, we agree to learn more about each other’s congregation and community; exchange information through letters and photographs, develop individual-to-individual relationships; pray for each other at every opportunity, including regularly scheduled worship services; keep each other informed of projects underway; give of ourselves to each other even as Christ has first given himself to us; and to exchange visits by members of our congregations as frequently as possible.  Prince of Peace provides financial support of $1,000 per year that is to be used for building projects in the Parish.

Prince of Peace is currently providing secondary-school scholarships for twenty students from Bomalang’ombe Parish. The government provides education for seven years in the primary schools.  To continue on in the secondary schools, the students need to pay for their own education. Most of the secondary schools are boarding schools, so they need to pay room and board as well as tuition. The secondary schools provide four years (Form I to Form IV). Those who successfully complete Form IV have the option of going on to Form V and VI. Beyond that, they can go on to a university.

The Tanzanian Mission Partners sponsor the annual Tanzania Dinner each November. Typical Tanzanian food is served along with Tanzanian music.  A free-will offering is taken, with the proceeds going toward secondary school scholarships for the students we are sponsoring.

Members of Prince of Peace have gone to visit our brothers and sisters in Bomalang’ombe to develop relationships with them. There were four visitors in 2002 and seven in 2004, including two youth. Another group of ten, including two youth and a Pastor, went to Iringa and Bomalang’ombe in 2006.

This flag symbolizes our mission work at Bomalang’ombe, reflecting our attitude of working together.

If you have specific questions about this mission initiative, or if you wish to travel with the next visiting delegation, please contact Caryn Josephson via the church office.

Our 2010 visiting group is shown in the photo below.  Together with our church partner, we’ve developed a logo for the 2010 mission trip — shown at the right.

Front Row: Caryn, Sandi, Maddie, and Erin

Back Row: Laura, Judy, Lee, Jim, Philipo

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