Victoria & Cty Road C
Roseville, MN

Sunday Worship

8:30am & 10:45am

Education Hour


The Shape I AM: A Lenten Worship Series

Our Lenten Sunday worship series is built upon the “I Am” statements in John’s gospel. “Lent is the season to remember one very important thing about what it means to be a Christian: that when Jesus goes to the cross, there goes God.” – Karoline Lewis

Wednesdays in Lent: Listen to HER-story

During this coming season of Lent, we’re hoping to hear a story that’s richer in tone and deeper in harmony. On Wednesday evenings we’ll gather to worship around Marty Haugen’s “Holden Evening Prayer,” anchored in its liturgical beauty by Mary’s “Magnificat.” From the scriptures we’ll hear rarely told stories of biblical heroines. And we’re calling for those in our midst to share stories of more contemporary heroines that have shaped and influenced our lives.

From Peter: “Building a Staff for Mission”

Over the past six months, we’ve been blessed by the efforts of the Mission Staffing Exploration Team, the group that was charged by the congregation to propose a staffing configuration that would best support the mission of Prince of Peace. Now that their work is complete, I couldn’t be more excited about our future and am anxious to discover who will be joining us in the next chapter of our story.

Pastor Lynn: “A Story Worth Telling”

One of my greatest privileges as a pastor is to hear and share the stories of those who have died.  Sitting with family and friends, together we scratch the surface of the many joys, struggles, relationships, and passions that make up a life.  There are always surprises in the story-telling when someone will exclaim – “I never knew!”

Call Committee Members Needed

The congregation recently voted to accept the report and recommendations of the Mission Staffing Exploration Team.  The proposed staffing configuration calls for the immediate addition of two pastoral positions. We are looking for members to serve on both search committees.

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Welcome to Prince of Peace!

Jesus reached out to all! We too are a place that welcomes all people, from every walk of life and irrespective of any discrimination. We are a thoughtful people, caring for one another by applying our faith to daily life.

It’s our mission to be claimed, gathered and sent by God to build the church and love the world.

To see this made real, we will deepen our sense of how God’s story and activity shape life and co-create with God to practice transforming love in the world.



The ministries of Prince of Peace support the spiritual growth of all ages, build community with one another, and foster service beyond our own congregation.

We believe that each person has God-given skills and compassion, and that each person is called in their daily life to put this skill and compassion to use for the good of God’s creation. As we seek to follow the way of Jesus, we shape our congregational worship, education, and ministries in ways that grow out of our faith and that are relevant to the realities of daily life.

We believe that all of our ministries — including our children’s, youth, adult, and music ministries — are integral to the Prince of Peace Community. Family activities provide opportunities for children, youth, and parents/mentors as described in our various programs pages and our Family Fun Night flyer.


Our knowledge about Christian teaching and history gives shape to experiencing the presence of God in our lives. Prince of Peace nurtures a sense of a loving and gracious God that is always with us.

Prince of Peace programs offer many opportunities for spiritual formation, including:

Prince of Peace