Victoria & Cty Road C
Roseville, MN

Summer Worship Schedule

8:30am & 10:00am

Worship Outdoors This Sunday

Memorial Day Weekend features our first outdoor worship of the summer! We’ll gather under the trees for a relaxed worship service on Sunday, May 26 at 10am. Wear your wide-brimmed hats and bring your sunscreen. 

Pastor Ruth: Happy Easter!

The Season of Easter lasts 50 days, a period of remembering the good news of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Pastor Ruth is grateful for the time to remember that death does not have the final word for us. Where do you see reminders of the resurrection, new life?

Pastor Peter: Life Bursts Forth

It feels really good to be one the other side of Holy Week.  Not only is the tomb discovered empty and a risen Jesus greets us, new life seems to be returning all around us in the greening grass, the blooming flowers, and leaves bursting forth from the branches.

Pastor Betsy: Experiencing Poverty Up Close

Through a Poverty Simulation sponsored by Do Good Roseville, Pastor Betsy Hoium and others assumed assigned roles at the high school one Saturday. Pastor Betsy became a homeless 19-yr. old mother with a one year old son, navigating bus passes, food stamps, and other life scenarios. She tells of her experience seeing poverty up close.

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Welcome to Prince of Peace!

Jesus reached out to all! We too are a place that welcomes all people, from every walk of life and irrespective of any discrimination. We are a thoughtful people, caring for one another by applying our faith to daily life.

It’s our mission to be claimed, gathered and sent by God to build the church and love the world.

To see this made real, we will deepen our sense of how God’s story and activity shape life and co-create with God to practice transforming love in the world.



The ministries of Prince of Peace support the spiritual growth of all ages, build community with one another, and foster service beyond our own congregation.

We believe that each person has God-given skills and compassion, and that each person is called in their daily life to put this skill and compassion to use for the good of God’s creation. As we seek to follow the way of Jesus, we shape our congregational worship, education, and ministries in ways that grow out of our faith and that are relevant to the realities of daily life.

We believe that all of our ministries — including our children’s, youth, adult, and music ministries — are integral to the Prince of Peace Community. Family activities provide opportunities for children, youth, and parents/mentors as described in our various programs pages.


Our knowledge about Christian teaching and history gives shape to experiencing the presence of God in our lives. Prince of Peace nurtures a sense of a loving and gracious God that is always with us.

Prince of Peace programs offer many opportunities for spiritual formation, including:

Prince of Peace

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