About Our Church

Located in the midst of Roseville’s beautiful Central Park since 1957



Located in the midst of Roseville’s beautiful Central Park since 1957, Prince of Peace strives to embody the values implied in its setting:

  • Centering our life on a loving God who is intimately present in all of creation.
  • As Jesus did, we are a place that welcomes all people — from every walk of life and irrespective of any discrimination.
  • We are a “thoughtful people” — caring for one another and applying our faith to daily life.
  • We nurture children in our midst, affirming family structures of all types.
  • We balance tradition with new forms and expressions of worship, and it shows in our variety of music and choral groups.


We are claimed, gathered, and sent to build the Church and love the World.


We will realize our mission as we…

  • deepen our sense of how God’s story and activity shape life.
  • co-create with God to practice transforming love in the world.

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Three Year Capital Campaign; 2013-2015

Our objective was to raise $850,000 to improve our infrastructure, develop our outdoor worship space, remodel program and office spaces and send 10% to ministries beyond our congregation.

Thank you for your participation in the Capital Campaign.

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