Habitat for Humanity

Prince of Peace volunteers contribute many hours annually to Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat for Humanity

Prince of Peace participates in an annual build as part of the “Holy Hammers” (HH) coalition of 15 churches.


Prince of Peace will once again be working along side other churches from Holy Hammers to work on a new construction build just north of PoP on Victoria. CLICK HERE for more information about dates and possible projects. 


In 2023 Prince of Peace along with other Holy Hammer groups helped rehab a home right here in the city of Roseville. Rehab work included kitchen and bathroom remodels and interior painting.


The 2022 Habitat for Humanity project for the Holy Hammers involves two sites. Both are rehab projects. The first site involves finishing a project that is underway at 1297 Woodbridge St. in St. Paul (Maryland & Rice area) and involves amix of interior and exterior work. The 2nd site involves the refurbishing of an existing home at 564 State St. in St. Paul (south of downtown St. Paul near George and Robert)and involves only interior work.

For both projects, Holy Hammers will provide 8 volunteers per day for 10 work weeks.

The 1st project will begin on April 25th and go through May 20th.

The 2nd project will begin on May 23rd and go through July 15th.


The Prince of Peace Holy Hammers 2021 Habitat project is scheduled to start work on June 28 and work for seven weeks. This year’s project involves a remodel of a home in White Bear Lake:  2431 Elm Drive.

If you have interest in working on the project this year and have not received any material regarding this project, please email Chris Henningson if you have questions or to indicate your interest and he will email you the project sign up information.


Prince of Peace completed our assigned days to work on the 2018 Habitat house. The Holy Hammers consortium has completed their 10 weeks of work. We began the project on April 16, the day after the April snowstorm. We completed the project on July 9, with heat and high humidity. 

Thank you to the Prince of Peace work volunteers: Dave Olson, Steve Sveom, Bill Thornton, Heather Thornton, Chris Thornton, Lea Thornton, Wanda Shelton, Peter Haugan, Russ Wilkinson, James Ericksen, Caryn Josephson, Jim Josephson, Dan Wagner.

Thank you to the volunteers who provided lunch and snacks: Jean Knaak, Judy Florine, Anne Haugan, Kay M. Johnson and Linda Olson.

Thank you to all who contributed to Ash Wednesday offering – a total of $1179 was contributed. With thanks, Chris Henningson

The 2018 Holy Hammers Habitat for Humanity home was built at 717 Geranium Ave. East in St. Paul.


The dedication for the 2017 Habitat home will be held on Sat., March 24, at 10:00 a.m., at 4397 121st Ave NE, Blaine, (the house across the street from our Holy Hammers house). The Holy Hammers sponsored and built the house at 4396 -121st Ave NE.  We also helped build the two houses across the street at 4383 – 121st Ave NE. and 4397 – 121st Ave NE. Twin Cities Habitat will be dedicating all 3 homes at this time. Meet all 3 families, tour the homes, and enjoy refreshments.



The 2016 project was at 11 E. Maryland Ave, St. Paul (just east of Rice Street). This home is now a completed single story building. Work began on April 25 and continued on 4/26, 5/11,12,13,26 7/11,12. Thanks to the following who provided twenty-two work days on site: Dan Dodge, James Ericksen, Peter Haugan, John Hoops, Caryn Josephson, Peter Christ, Dave Olson, Tom Rockne, Wanda Shelton, Chris Thornton, Lea Thornton, Dan Wagner, and Russ Wilkinson as coordinated by Chris Henningson.  Providing food for the workers were Marie Hanson, Anne Haugan, Audrey Henningson, Caryn Josephson, Maria Larson, Jenna Ross, Carol Swanson, and Linda Wagner.


The 2015 Holy Hammers house is complete at 512 Van Buren, St. Paul, located a block south of Minnehaha or 7 blocks north of University Ave., 1.5 blocks east of Dale. Our congregation donated $4,103.52 to this initiative plus 30 worker days of manpower. Thanks to builders Dan Dodge, Jim Ericksen, Gus & Peter Haugan, Roger Hintze, John Hoops, Dick Jacobson, Caryn Josephson, John Klawiter, Dave Olson, tom Rockne, Bill, Chris, & Heagher Thornton,, Hadley Verwest, Dan Wagner, and Russ Wilkinson. They were graciously fed by Liz Aslesen, Jan & Marie Hanson, Marian Hastings, Anne Haugan, Kay M. Johnson, HJean Knaak, Maria Larson, Linda Olson, and Tammy Wilkinson.


For 2014, we helped build a house at 663 Edmund in St. Paul which was dedicated on September 6th. Thanks to our 2014 volunteers: Dan Dodge, Jim Goepfert, Gus Haugan, Peter Haugan, Roger Hintze, John Hoops, Dick Jacobson, Caryn Josephson, Karlind Moller, Dave Olson, Tom Rockne, Jerry Rowe, Chris Thornton, Lea Thornton, Hadley Verwest, Dan Wagner, Russ Wilkinson, and Tricia Wright.  Thanks also to those who provided lunches for the volunteers: Elizabeth Aslesen, Jan Hanson, Marie Hanson, Marion Hastings, Anne Haugan, Maria Larson, Sue Mollerk, Linda Olson and Tammy Wilkinson. Prince of Peace has provided between 30 and 45 volunteer days each year since 2007.