Did I mention it was snowing?

One week ago today, I was sitting in a chalet, perched at the 11,000’ summit of one of the peaks in Wyoming’s Teton mountain range.  As I was listening to two other church leaders explore ideas of leadership in the future church, I experienced a real “aha! moment.”  As they were discussing the effects of the uncertainty during the pandemic and the continuing ambiguity we’re experiencing, I recognized a resonating strain of this same reality for the church I am called to serve.*

Eventually, we returned to the base of the mountain, having ridden the tram both up to and down from the summit.  But that conversation stuck with me for the rest of the day and, honestly, is still rolling around in my head.  Have you had this experience of being surprised by a moment of clarity, only to incite further pondering?  What was the last thought-provoking morsal that you continued to chew on for a time?

For people of faith, we never know when an inspired thought might come to us, but we trust that God is still speaking.  This Sunday, we hear the story of how Moses encounters God in very direct terms, as a voice coming from a burning bush, growing on Mount Horeb.  This high-altitude wilderness setting seems fitting for an “aha! moment.”  Turns out, for Moses, there was no escaping God and God’s vision.

The same is true for God’s people today.  There is no escaping God and God’s vision for this church.  And God is still speaking.  Perhaps the nugget that is rolling around in your head could be just the thing God wants you to hear?  Even if it didn’t come to you up a mountain, its still might be worth paying some attention to.

May God’s peace come to you today. -Pastor Peter

Let us pray… Revealing God, you come to us in many ways.  Help us to know you are still speaking, still revealing your plan, still showing us the way.  By your spirit, make your vision plain and your pathway clear.  Amen.

*I’ll be sharing more about my “aha! moment” in Sunday’s sermon so be sure to tune in!