Sundays, May 26 thru June 16

As we begin our summer together, you’re invited on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual renewal as you find your center.  Pastor Peter will be preaching each Sunday of this series.

Sunday, May 26, 9:30am worship – outdoors (weather permitting)

Find Your Center Outside

All that God has created can’t be contained by four walls, a floor, and a roof.  We are beckoned outside, amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, reconnecting with the earth and the divine presence infused within it.

Bring your camp chairs and blankets to sit under the trees or use one of the folding chairs that will be set up in a shady corner of the parking lot. There are also 4-5 spaces for those who may want to remain seated in their vehicles.

Sunday, June 2, 9:30am worship in the sanctuary

Find Your Center in Art & Music

Let’s explore the ways in which creativity becomes a conduit for encountering the sacred, whether through the strokes of a brush, the melody of a song, or the rhythm of a dance.

There may be a presentation from “Daughters for Dignity,” one of our Bega Kwa Bega affiliate partners, following worship.

Sunday, June 9, 9:30am worship in the sanctuary

Find Your Center in Story

The power of story, both personal and communal, illuminates the pathways to our sacred centers, weaving together the threads of our lives with the timeless narratives of faith.

We will be celebrating graduates during this service. There is a youth talent show fundraiser following worship.

Sunday, June 16, 9:30am worship in the sanctuary

Find Your Center in Community

The community surrounding you reveals the vital role of shared experience and mutual support that grounds us in our identities and fosters deeper connections with the divine and one another.

There will be an information session on the Building the Church Grant Proposal to be funded by the Diestler Estate Gift following worship. The congregation will be voting on this at the June 30 semi-annual meeting.