Blessings in Action

This Sunday we’ll take time together to say, “thank you!” This is for all the ways those connected to our church have given of their time and energy over the past year to make possible the mission and ministries we share. For all of these collected efforts, God is truly accomplishing something amazing in our midst.

Easter Lily

During this Easter season, a blooming lily reminds us of the profound symbolism woven into nature by our Creator. Just as the Easter Lily emerges from the earth, Jesus emerges from the tomb, triumphant over death. In this post-resurrection world, the Easter Lily serves as a poignant metaphor for faith – it begins as a bulb buried in darkness, yet through patient waiting and nurturing, it bursts forth in radiant beauty, much like our faith blossoms when nurtured by prayer, scripture, and community.

Caring with Compassion

On Sunday, we’ll again encounter the story of the Gerasene demoniac, a man possessed by numerous demons who lived among the tombs, isolated and tormented. When Jesus arrives, he doesn’t turn away in fear or judgment. Instead, he approaches with compassion and offers healing. This story teaches us profound lessons about the importance of caring for those who are suffering, especially in matters of mental health.


In the portrait of creation, the sunflower stands tall, a radiant emblem of faith and resilience. Its journey mirrors our own pilgrimage through life’s trials and triumphs, echoing the resurrection story that infuses hope into every soul. Just as the sunflower turns its face toward the sun, unwavering in its pursuit of light and warmth, so too should we fix our gaze upon the Son, our source of life and renewal.

Spring in the Church

As spring breathes new life into the world, we witness the meticulous preparation of gardens. Our Karen neighbors are eagerly assembling their supplies and bringing their plots out of their winter slumbers. Seeds are sown, soil is cultivated, and roots begin to take hold. In these moments of anticipation, we can see the parallels between the nurturing of a garden and the formation of the early Christian church.