Who Are We?

Yesterday following worship, our congregation gathered to make some important decisions about our future.  On the surface, the questions before us were simple and straightforward- do we dedicate a portion of our resources for the sake of serving our neighbors?  But it’s also true that these decisions would define the shape and nature of this community of faith that we will experience together in the years to come. 

Aha! on a Mountain

One week ago today, I was sitting in a chalet, perched at the 11,000’ summit of one of the peaks in Wyoming’s Teton mountain range.  As I was listening to two other church leaders explore ideas of leadership in the future church, I experienced a real “aha! moment.”  As they were discussing the effects of the uncertainty during the pandemic and the continuing ambiguity we’re experiencing, I recognized a resonating strain of this same reality for the church I am called to serve.

Prince of Peace Congregation Wrestles

A congregation never stops wrestling with the question, “What must we hold on to and what needs to be changed.” As citizens we have many opportunities to vote, as we also have decisions to make as church members.

What does it mean to wrestle?

When I hear the word wrestle, I think of the sport of wrestling. Webster’s definition for a wrestling match is when the opponents struggle hand to hand to throw each other to the ground without striking blows. Another definition in the dictionary is: a struggle or fight with; a contest.

What do we know about Jacob?

Jacob’s grandfather was Abraham who married Sara and they received a huge promise from God to have many descendants. Jacob was their grandson, son of  Isaac and Rebekah who had twins, Esau and Jacob. Jacob was afraid of his elder brother Esau and cheated him into giving up his inheritance as the elder twin and then gained his father’s blessing by pretending to be Esau.

Do you know the full story?

Do you know the full story behind the proposed sacred settlement that we are developing?  Have you wondered about the motivations of our ministry partners at Settled?  Are you curious how a new law will help propel churches like Prince of Peace to be more effective in our callings to walk with the poor, bringing aid and comfort, while being transformed in the process?