This is the third in a series of stories from Prince of Peace members, telling how they multiplied the talents they were given for the “Investing for Good” initiative. Today we hear from Ellie Thornton, age 11, and her brother, Henry Thornton, age 7. 


I sold stickers with the help of some friends at the church. Turns out most people don’t carry change anymore and instead carry $20.00. So I mostly got $20.00 for 50 and 75 cent stickers! The rest of the money was starting money from Dad and Henry.


I tried to help Ellie sell her stickers on Palm Sunday. People were at the pancake breakfast, so I was at the door when people came out of the gym and announced that there were stickers for sale in the library. I also told people that the money was going to support Settled.

Ellie and Henry more than doubled their starting talent of $120.00 and directed it all to Settled.