As you know, our tiny home settlement has been cited by the City of Roseville for noncompliance.  We have only a few weeks to address this challenge. To help us respond in the short term, and develop longer range plans, the congregation council is creating a Campus Planning Task Force (CPTF). 

Here is the council motion: 
The Prince of Peace Congregation Council creates a “Campus Planning Task Force (CPTF)” to study and recommend options for developing our campus. CPTF members and leadership are to be appointed by the Executive Committee of the Congregation Council. The CPTF will include members of the property committee, the finance committee, the affordable housing team, and the settlement stewardship and care teams along with other interested congregational members.

The CPTF will have three broad, interconnected goals: 

  1. help develop and implement strategies for preserving the existing interim sacred settlement until permanent options have been developed. A report will be completed by the 45 day mark of the citation period with concrete plans for how we will get a stay of eviction and extension of the temporary conditions currently existing.
  2. in cooperation with Settled, develop recommendations on incorporating a permanent sacred settlement at PoP beyond the interim period; 
  3. study and recommend options for additional mission/vision driven ministry opportunities as components of a comprehensive use plan for our campus. This work is to be completed by 12/31/23.

People interested in joining the CPTF should gather following the 11:45am worship service on Sunday, March 26.

Contact Michael Stetzler with questions and for more information.