Exciting things are happening for our Tanzanian Companion Congregations of Bomalang’ombe and Vikongwa!  The wonders of technology let us stay connected through email, Facebook and an occasional Zoom call.  

We recently received updates from both congregations.  They want us to know that they continue to pray for us and for an end to COVID, and they welcome us back at any time!  They also shared their sincere gratitude, updates and photos from some projects that Prince of Peace helps support through our budget and special offerings. God is truly good and is working through our 20 year partnership with our companions!


Vikongwa Leaders, Church Elders, and Teachers
  • Both congregations have dedicated time to hold special prayer sessions for our partnership.  Bomalang’ombe has small prayer teams that meet at 4:30am before they start their work.  Vikongwa has also held special prayer sessions.  There are prayers for an end to COVID, the strength of our partnership and that we may one day again meet face to face!


  • In October both congregations held special services to focus on children.  Children led worship with singing and dramas.  One of the Vikongwa Preaching Points is Bomalang’ombe Secondary School and they regularly visit the students and invite the students to help with worship.  Both congregations have brought in leaders from the Iringa Diocese to hold special seminars for religious education.  


  • The new school year has started – look for an upcoming report on our sponsored students!

New road

  • The paved road between Kidabaga and Bomalang’ombe is complete!  During the rainy season it was very difficult to get from Bomalang’ombe to Iringa (the largest town).  The section of road between Kidabaga and Bomalang’ombe was especially difficult.  We experienced this first hand on several visits when our bus got stuck in the mud on the way to Bomalang’ombe.


Pastor House with Kitchen
  • One priority of both congregations is providing housing for the pastors and evangelists close to their church buildings (what we might call a “parsonage”).  In fact, one of the requirements for a preaching point to become a congregation is that they secure housing for the pastor.  Housing has been an ongoing project that we have helped support over many years.  Following are a few accomplishments this year.
  • Bomalang’ombe completed a new house for the Pastor in 2019.  We were able to stay there on our last visit!  In 2021 they added a new more modern kitchen building next to the Pastor’s house.  The Pastor’s family does a lot of hosting of visitors so this will be a big help.  There are plans to convert the old Pastor’s house into a guest house.
  • When Vikongwa was preparing to become a parish, they purchased an existing house close to the church.  They have been raising funds to help renovate the house.  Last year Prince of Peace provided some funds that helped them purchase wiring and hardware for electricity, and gypsum boards for the ceiling.  They hope to complete renovations this year.
Boma Children and Pastor Mwelea and Festo Longo

Church buildings

  • Mangalali was a new Bomalang’ombe preaching point in 2019.  They are worshiping in a temporary structure and Prince of Peace is providing some funds to help them purchase cement and sand for building a foundation for a permanent structure.
  • Vikongwa has a new preaching point, Mlandege, that is currently meeting in a parishioner’s home.  In 2022 they hope to start building a church for that preaching point.

Business projects

Planting Avocado Plants
  • Both congregations are actively engaged in investing in projects to raise funds to support their mission and ministry.
  • The government of Tanzania is encouraging the planting of avocado trees for food and export.  The Iringa area is good for growing this crop, and both congregations are supporting this initiative.  Vikongwa just finished planting 89 trees and sent some pictures.  
  • Bomalang’ombe just finished the first stage of their Business Center.  They built a 3 shop building which includes a hair cutting place, a women’s Beauty Salon, and a feed store for animal farmers.  They also converted an older building on that property to be a café which will serve food, coffee, tea and milk.  In 2022 they plan to build 4 more shops and the long term plan is to have a total of 15 shops.
  • Vikongwa also has plans to build some shops in 2022/2023.  Their preaching point, Mifugo, is close to a government run boarding school and there is currently no place for students to purchase items.  The area is growing and they see a real need to provide additional employment opportunities, especially for teachers.
  • The Iringa Hope SACCOS (Micro finance) and AMCOS (Agricultural cooperative) is going well and helping provide an improved standard of living.
The Café Place

Shoulder to Shoulder

  • Our companion relationship is part of the St. Paul Area Synod’s “Bega kwa Bega” ministry.  Bega kwa Bega means ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’ in Swahili and reflects that we walk side by side with our brothers and sisters in Tanzania.  We share our joys and our sorrows – our successes and our challenges.  Email, Facebook and Zoom have allowed us to stay connected during this time of COVID and we regularly communicate what is happening with our congregations.  
  • As an example of walking Side by Side, last year we shared the challenges we are having with our roof and the cost of making fixes.  In October we were able to have a Zoom call with Bomalang’ombe and Vikongwa.  We were surprised and delighted when they shared that they were gifting us with 6 batiks, made by their Women’s Batik Group, that we could use to sell to raise funds!  During our Adult Forum in November, we shared a video clip of the moment this happened.  It expresses the joy and delight this partnership brings us. 

Many, many thanks to the members of Prince of Peace and friends who have helped support this ministry over the years with your time, talent, prayers and financial resources.  Our companion relationships are a wonderful witness to God’s grace and love.  

Bwana Jesu Asifiwe!  (Praise the Lord!)