The Lutheran Church in Tanzania is growing!  On our most recent visit to Bomalang’ombe in 2019, we knew that they had added a 7th preaching point – Mangalali.  During our visit, we learned that the Vikongwa Preaching Point had grown large enough to become a new congregation!

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Roseville Minnesota has had a covenant relationship with Bomalang’ombe Congregation in Tanzania since 2002.  This companion relationship has been a great blessing to both congregations.  We have tried to live out the three pillars of Prayer, Presence and Projects through the years of our relationship. 

At its July meeting, the Council approved a motion that we seek to form a companion relationship with Vikongwa Congregation in addition to Bomalang’ombe Congregation.  The budget passed in June included funds to support the new relationship.  This means we will now have two companion congregations. 

Vikongwa will officially be installed as a new congregation on August 15 2020.  Because we are unable to travel to Tanzania right now, Deacon April Trout and Pastor Lusungu Msigwa will be our “Ambassadors” at this wonderful event and will share our greetings and well wishes with them.

The new preaching points will be as follows:

Bomalang’ombe Congregation

  • Bomalang’ombe
  • Mwanzala
  • Ilole
  • Mangalali
  • Nyamatonga
  • Muhu (another new preaching point!)

Vikongwa Congregation

  • Vikongwa
  • Mifugo
  • Bomalang’ombe Secondary School
  • Mlandege (another new preaching point!)

Please keep Bomalang’ombe and Vikongwa and their preaching points in your prayers as we start this new chapter in sharing God’s love together.

(Photos of Vikongwa Preaching Point from our 2019 visit)

PoP Member Lea Thornton is greeted by the members of the Vikongwa Parish just outside their church building.
Asha, the Evangelist that has helped to grow this “preaching point” into a full congregation is in the left foreground of this photo.