A whirlwind day! We started out visiting Nyamatonga, which is the most remote preaching point.  We were given a warm welcome and were happy to see that the evangelist can now live in the new house.  Next we stopped at the Ilole preaching point where we heard their wonderful children’s choir.  The Bomalang’ombe Primary school is nearby so some of the children were at the preaching point and then ran to join us at the primary school.  The primary school children entertained us with singing and dancing and presented us with pictures they had drawn and other hand crafted items.  After lunch we visited a jam factory and Lyamko Primary school for more fantastic singing.  Then it was back to the parish for a great meeting with the Women’s Batik group.  This is a group focused on economic development of women and they are making Batik fabric.  Yesterday we received shirts and dresses made from their fabric.  They presented a report and gave us a demonstration.  We had the opportunity to purchase the finished product and definitely took advantage of that!  We had another delicious dinner and a chance to visit.  Tomorrow we visit more preaching points and secondary schools.

Singing on the bus

Greeting at Nyamatonga

Entering the preaching point

Selecting bookmarks

New house for the Evangelist

Ilole preaching point


Children’s choir

Pastor Peter clapping with children

Children escorting us to school



All the students

More singing and dancing

Lining up with pictures

Lyamko Primary school

Folding cloth for batik

Adding chemicals and dye to boiling water

Dipping fabric into the dye

Unwrapping the finished batik!