A very eventful first day! We left The Lutheran Center early, eagerly anticipating our arrival in Bomalang’ombe. About 2/3 of the way there we encountered a wet area over a creek and the bus got stuck.  With the help of rocks, sticks, and a number of new friends we finally got the bus out of the water and mud.  We went a short distance and saw some branches in the road – never a good sign because it means that there is a vehicle incident up ahead.  There was a large lorry loaded with lumber on its side across the road.   There was a path through the yard of the neighboring house for traffic to pass.  We got into the yard, but they needed to break down part of the dirt hill for us to make the turn.  With barrier cleared we were on our way! We were met with wonderful singing and dancing and a warm welcome! After a fantastic lunch and short introductions we had time to rest.  We explored the village and Kathy had fun teaching some of the leaders how to play the recorder.  Another great dinner and we ended the day with singing and a prayer.  

On our way!

Stuck in the mud

Overturned lumber truck

The hill is reduced. Lots of advice on how to move the bus

Partnership chair Andeson Mdeke

Greeting at the church

Dancing and ankle bells

Watoto (children)

Greeting at the pastor’s home

Produce! Yummy avocados!



Children pretending to be Pastor Peter

Kathy teaching recorder