A Time for Good-bye

Today is Labor Day, which marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall; the start of a new school year and fall activities; a time of endings and beginnings.

A Season for Everything

Last Sunday at had the opportunity to visit the Island of Iona off the northern coast of Scotland. This island is only 1 mile by 3 miles, yet it plays a very important role to spirituality.

What Makes Your Heart Sing?

We have been focusing on various kinds of music in our Summer Song series and discovering how we can worship God in so many ways.  What makes your heart sing is also a great question coming out of our Chicago Service Learning Trip.

We don’t just hear it, we experience it

“Summer Song” seems to be the perfect way to celebrate the glorious Minnesota summer that we are experiencing. Music is so interwoven into our lives, whether you gravitate toward classical music or rock and roll, love to hear John Philip Sousa’s Stars & Stripes Forever or the national anthem at the beginning of a ball game, music does something to us.

Celebrate or Lament

Yesterday we heard the story of the feeding of the 5,000.  Today is the 4th of July – a time for family and friends and picnics and fireworks to celebrate the heritage of our nation.  Yet this might feel like a major disconnect.  The miracle of Jesus feeding so many with so little, caring for the other, feels so different than the time we’re living in.