We have been focusing on various kinds of music in our Summer Song series and discovering how we can worship God in so many ways.  What makes your heart sing is also a great question coming out of our Chicago Service Learning Trip.  We heard a variety of different music as we explored this diverse city: 

–a jazz musician on the street corner

–sound checks for a big rock and roll music festival

–birds singing first thing in the morning

–cicadas in the trees as we waited for the bus

–rap music in the subway

–beluga whales sounds at the Shedd Aquarium overlooking Lake Michigan

–singing “We Are All One in Mission” when we visited Lutheran School of Theology Chicago

–and fireworks choreographed to “The Planets” and “Pictures at an Exhibition” at Navy Pier.

It was a cacophony of sounds – including city traffic, sirens blaring, and the L train going past our windows at the hostel where we stayed.  It was the sound of laughter and praying together and debriefing the day each evening. 

What makes my heart sing?  Traveling, discovering, learning new things, and accompanying our youth on this journey.  We give thanks for safe travels, prayers, and all who made this trip possible.

Gracious God, you created this amazing world full of sounds and laughter, voices and music.  We give you thanks for all that we hear, see, feel, and experience around us.  In Jesus’ name, amen.