Earlier this year, Prince of Peace received a grant through Ramsey County for just over $8000. These dollars will be used to purchase products and services, including commercial composting, to help improve PoP’s recycling and composting habits, ultimately reducing our garbage output.

New bins will be placed around PoP to collect organics (green bin), recyclables (blue bin), and garbage (gray bin) on Friday, April 19.

Examples of items that can be placed each bin:

Organics- Green Bins

  • Food scraps
  • Disposable hot & cold cups
  • Disposable silverware – forks, spoons & knives
  • Paper towels
  • Coffee grounds
  • Napkins

Recycling – Blue Bins

  • Paper – bulletins, copies
  • Cardboard
  • Non-black plastic products
  • Pop cans
  • Glass jars

Garbage – Gray Bins

  • Any items that cannot be composited or recycled

Join us on Sunday, April 21 as we learn more about our new compost/recycle/garbage system with the help of Kristyn Buetow from Minnespota Waste Wise.