Available in the Narthex beginning March 31

What – Pollinator plant native to our prairies.

Benefit –Plants with orange flowers bloom in mid-summer and will grow to 2’ tall. Attracts Monarch butterflies and other beneficial insects.  Monarch butterfly caterpillars feed on the foliage.

How – Propagated by seeds. These seeds were collected from plants that are growing on Prince of Peace property.  They’ve been exposed to cold temperatures, so don’t require additional treatment prior to planting.

Where – Plant in an area of your yard that has around six hours of sun per day. Plant where you want them to remain, as once established they soon develop a deep tap root which makes them difficult to transplant. Plants grow well in a wide range of soils.

How – Plant the seeds ¼” deep and keep moist until germination takes place. Germination may take 2 – 4 weeks.