Luther’s Seven Visible Marks of the Church

Martin Luther gave a full statement of his doctrine of the church in his 1539 treatise On the Councils and the Church. He expanded on this understanding of the church in answering a most basic question for Christians: “But how will or how can a poor confused person tell where such Christian holy people are to be found in this world?” His answer included seven visible marks of the church. During the Sundays in Lent members of the adult education team will help us explore these seven marks and guide us in conversation about how these marks define our life together as people of faith.

The Word of God – Feb. 18

Scott Tunseth introduced this series and led us in conversation.

Confession + Forgiveness – Feb. 25

Steve Sveom led us in conversation.

Baptism & The Lord’s Supper – Mar. 3

Carol Swanson led us in conversation.

Suffering – Mar. 10

Suzan Hurlbut led us in conversation.

Ministry & Worship – Mar. 17

Pastor Peter led us in a conversation about the last two marks of the church: Ministry and Worship.