Sunday, January 28; 12:00pm

*Note for those participating via Zoom: Each connected device may only be connected with one voting member of the congregation. Voting will be available via the “polling” function on Zoom and each logged-in device may cast only one vote per ballot. Please “rename” your device to reflect the voting member’s name. If there are multiple people in your household wishing to be counted and cast a ballot, additional devices (computers, tablets, or phones) will need to login to the meeting.

The proposed agenda for the meeting is as follows:

  • Call to Order
  • Opening Invocation
  • Establishment of the Quorum
  • Approval of the Minutes for June, 2023 Semi-Annual Meeting (link below)
  • Leadership Reports
    • Michael Stetzler, President
    • Peter Christ, Lead Pastor
    • Treasurer, Arjun Sethi
    • Steve Sveom, Campus Planning Task Force Chair (full committee report below)
  • Old Business
    • Updates to the Constitution, 2nd Vote (link below)
  • New Business
    • Updates to the Bylaws (clarifications and revisions to organizational structure – link below)
    • Motion from the Finance Team re: Formally dedicating Diestler Estate funds to cover recent renovations of the roof and the remaining balance of parking lot replacement.
    • Election of Congregational Leaders (proposed slate below)
  • Adjournment & Closing Prayer

There was an Information & Listening session on Sunday, January 21 during the Sunday Forum. CLICK HERE for more information and to watch the recording of this conversation.

Links to Meeting Materials:

June 2023 Semi-Annual Meeting Minutes

Report of the Campus Planning Task Force

Constitution with Final Amendments

Proposed Bylaw Amendments

2024 Proposed Slate