The first Community Conversation was held on Sunday, September 17.  The second will be Sunday, September 24, between services in the sanctuary.  We hope the technology will function better for those who wish to join online. 

The first session provided background for the congregation to let people know how we got to the place where we are convening to vote on two motions on October 1.  The session focused more on providing information and had less time for questions than had been hoped. 

The second session (September 24) will begin with a very quick look at the motions and move quickly into a time for questions.  Hopefully, people have had time to consider some of the information available from the first session, on the PoP website under Campus Planning Task Force, from the materials available at the information table in the narthex, or from conversations with task force participants or other congregational members.  Please come prepared with any questions you may have.  You may review the motions for October 1 below.

My goal in this process has been to provide regular updates and to communicate so that people can feel informed and welcome to know the process and information available.  I hope you are able to attend the community conversation with any questions that may remain for you.

Steve Sveom, CPTF chair

Motion 1: To continue the Prince of Peace settlement of two tiny homes with an addition of one tiny home to comply with state legislation. The cost to Prince of Peace for the installation of the additional unit is not to exceed $15,000. Any future proposed expansion of the settlement shall be subject to action and vote of the Prince of Peace congregation.

Motion 2: To support the use of Prince of Peace property for the development of affordable housing options and related services. The Campus Planning Task Force will lead the continued study of project development and the PoP Council will bring any recommendation to the congregation for final congregational approval.