Do you know the full story behind the proposed sacred settlement that we are developing?  Have you wondered about the motivations of our ministry partners at Settled?  Are you curious how a new law will help propel churches like Prince of Peace to be more effective in our callings to walk with the poor, bringing aid and comfort, while being transformed in the process? 

You’ll find lots of answers to these questions by investing just 10 minutes of your time into watching this video, detailing the history of Settled and the emerging model for a “full community” approach to caring for our neighbors (and if you watch closely, you’ll find yourself in here too):

As this church prepares to decide on key elements of the emerging campus plan at this coming Sunday’s special meeting, I think this is a helpful reminder of why God has prepared us in this way.  We are blessed to be connected to so many capable organizations and passionate people eager to be our partners in this mission to build the church and love the world.  Common Bond, LSS, TC Habitat for Humanity, Keystone, Every Meal, Settled, and so many others – all amazingly gifted in what they do.  I am inspired by their witness and I’m praying you will be too.

May God’s peace find you this day.  -Pastor Peter

Let us pray… Partnering God, just as you remain connected to us, inspire us by the witness of our partners eager to make us the best version of the church you have imagined us to be.  Give us wisdom, insight, and courage, as we seek to discern what is best for the sake of your vision.  Amen.