Photo by Delaney Van on Unsplash

I walked into my office last Thursday and felt something I hadn’t felt in over three summers.  It was pleasantly cool!  The replacement air-conditioning unit that services the library and offices of our church building had finally been installed and turned on for the first time.  Well before the summer heat arrived in 2019, we had discovered that our under-sized air-handler and condensing unit was just not up to the challenge of cooling our rooms anymore.

Along with the air-handler and cooling equipment, it was also determined that we needed to replace the integrated furnace as well.  Thanks to the generosity of a member family, we were able to acquire a larger capacity/high efficiency unit, capable of pushing more air through the ductwork and saving energy in the process.  Work didn’t begin until the summer of 2021 but the furnace and air-handler were installed in time for cold temps of this past fall, winter and spring.  But, as with many things disrupted by global supply-chain troubles, the air-conditioner didn’t arrive in time to get installed last year.

Spending time our offices last summer required a high tolerance for heat and a fair amount of patience.  Some mornings, we could cycle cooler outside air into the buildings to help to keep us comfortable.  Other days, a collection of fans would help circulate cooler air from other parts of the building.  We just added our efforts to the long list of ways the past few years have demanded our resilience and creativity.

When you think of the Spirit’s presence in the world, do you imagine a warm wind or a cooling breeze?  I like to imagine that the air the Spirit pushes at me brings comfort and much of the time that’s certainly true.  But perhaps there are other times that the breath of the Spirit is more unsettling and even difficult to tolerate.  These are the times that God might be pushing us out of our comfort zones to take on the challenges of the world.  Either way, God is here, with us, every step of the way.

I give thanks for the renewed comfort of cool air in my office this summer and the warmth our new furnace will bring this fall.  When you see James Erickson, Dan Neujahr, Russ Stolle, Brian Wolf, or any member of the Monday Morning Crew, share a word of gratitude for the continued care of our facility and its many component parts that they so generously provide.  Yes, things move slowly at times, but their dedication stands as a witness to the faithfulness of God’s people to build up the church so that we can continue loving the world.

May God’s peace come to you this day. -Pastor Peter

Let us pray… Spirit of God, your wind blows, bringing comfort and relief but also encouragement to act.  May these reminders of your presence give us the courage to be bold in our response to your love.  Amen.