Today’s Author: Anne Haugan

Some years ago, on Palm Sunday the Prince of Peace Sunday School classes had the opportunity to experience a hands-on Holy Week. They traveled from station to station on their journey.

Photo Credit: Daily Theology

The first station was in the parking lot with Jesus riding a donkey and the children following in a processional waving palm branches.

Another station was also in the parking lot with sheep in a fenced area. Jesus was at the gate as the Gatekeeper and the children learned about Jesus being the Good Shepherd watching out for every one of his precious sheep.

Each food of the Passover Seder meal was tried by the students to taste the traditional foods served for that special Jewish celebration.

The station that I will always remember was of the Sunday School teacher Sandy washing the feet of each student and teacher. It was a humbling experience to have Sandy, dressed as Jesus, with her basin of water, kneeling in

front of me and with care and compassion washing my feet. Have you ever had your feet washed by someone else? When my mother was living in an assisted living, I used to wash her feet. I think that experience made the two of us much closer together. We laughed and had a good time at each foot washing, and it also brought comfort to sore feet. It was an unforgettable caring act of love.

Dear Loving God, you have shown us how to care and love each other. May we learn from those stories of your Son Jesus how one might act in today’s world. We pray for the people of Ukraine who are in the midst of family separation, loss of home and their homeland, death of loved ones, and indescribable destruction. Give them courage and hope and faith. We pray that the leaders of our world will make wise decisions to solve this horrible situation so that there will be WAR NO MORE. In your name we pray. Amen.

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