I received an email from Equal Exchange on January 27, 2022 announcing a 10% across the board price increase. I placed an order and purchased several popular items at the old price.

The current pricing for the table is as follows: I take the amount the church pays Equal Exchange, divide by the number of items in the box, and raise the answer to the next full dollar. With the price increase from Equal Exchange some of the prices for the items I sell at the table are going to change. They will change when the item for sale was purchased at the new price. On the items that the prices don’t change the profit margin will be less. The profit on the items I sell cover loss to theft, reimburse the church for fronting me the inventory and help cover the cost of kitchen coffee.

If you enjoy these products you are encouraged to pay a little more than the price listed when you make your purchase. If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 651-484-7141 or use my email davidcjohnson1100@gmail.com.

Check out the table next time that you are at Prince of Peace and pick up some Earl Grey tea for only $4 – available until gone!

Thanks for supporting fair trade through your purchases.

Sincerely David Johnson