Image Credit: Christikon

30+ years ago, I received an invitation to join the staff of a Bible camp in Montana and, though I was eager to accept, I had no idea how much this would change my life in the years to follow.  Initially, the invitation offered admission into a community that offered adventure.  Subsequently, I discovered a place of true transformation, re-creating me as I recreated, a move into the mountains that resulted in God moving into me.

Can you think of an invitation that resulted in this kind of transformation?  Some invitations are to participate in an event while others are to join a particular community.  Some invitations are easier to accept than others.  What makes this so?

This week, the remembrances of our own baptisms are reframed to become an invitation to join into an even greater story.  In John’s gospel we hear Jesus say, “come and see” and in the disciple’s response, born of curiosity, a movement to change the world is launched.  Remembering your baptism means to remember that this invitation is for you too.  Come and see what God is up to in this place.  Come and see how lives being transformed is more than just miraculous spectacle, it’s the substance that will sustain life.  Come and see how and where God needs you to be.

May God’s peace come to you this day. -Pastor Peter

Let us pray… We give you thanks, O God, for in the beginning your Spirit moved over the waters and by your Word you created the world, calling forth life in which you took delight.  Through the waters of the flood you delivered Noah and his family.   Through the sea you led your people Israel from slavery into freedom.   At the river your Son was baptized by John and anointed with the Holy Spirit.  By water and your Word you claim us as daughters and sons, making us heirs of your promise and servants of all.  We praise you for the gift of water that sustains life, and above all we praise you for the gift of new life in Jesus Christ.  Shower us with your Spirit, and renew our lives with your forgiveness, grace, and love.  To you be given honor and praise through Jesus Christ our Lord in the unity of the Holy Spirit, now and forever.  Amen.

(Thanksgiving for Baptism, ELW, used at the start of each worship this month and next.)