Report of the Nominating Committee – Council & Leadership Slate

Bolded Positions are up for election on 1/30/22.

Officers of the Congregation & Congregation Council

One-year term, three terms max. (C.11.02)

President: Michael Stetzler, 2nd term would complete Jan. 2023

Vice President: Michael Ashworth, 1st term would complete Jan. 2023

Secretary: Karen Carr, 2nd term would complete Jan. 2023

Treasurer: Rick Rothausen, 1st  term would complete Jan. 2023

Congregational Life Representatives to the Congregation Council

Two-year terms, two terms max. (C.11.02)

Stewardship: Deb Cordes, 2nd term would complete Jan. 2024

Education: ? ?, 1st term would complete Jan. 2024

Congregational Life Representatives to the Congregation Council

(current terms complete Jan. 2023)

Community Life: Lea Thornton

Property:James Ericksen

Svc & Advocacy: Deb Mosby

Worship & Music: Ryan Miller

Youth/Young Adult: Teruni Sandanayake

Lay Representatives to the St. Paul Area Synod Assembly (2)

Lay Female: Kristina Krepela, Lay Male: Roy Lewis

Nominating Committee (3)

Three-year terms, one elected each year by congregation.

Kim Wetteland, term to expire Jan. 2025

Jim Josephson (term completes Jan. 2023), Esther Tatley (term completes Jan. 2024)

Audit Committee (2)

Two-year terms, one elected each year by congregation.

Christer Cederberg, term to complete Jan. 2024                                   

Yvonne Miller (term will complete Jan. 2023)

Current areas of Congregational Life and our standing committees. 

Which of these places might you be willing to plug in more deeply this year?

Worship & Music

  • The BIG Idea Team – discerns series themes and topics to shape our worship, faith formation and community life.
  • The Creative Arts Team – using the BIG Idea, brings color and content to our experiences and environment.
  • Service in Worship various ways to participate in and assist with worship.
  • Audio/Visual Team – volunteer technicians that support our various ministries during worship and other events.

Faith Formation

  • Children, Youth & Family Team – supports our various CYF ministries through planning and implementing ministry.
  • Adult Education – plans and leads Sunday Forum, Book Studies, and other learning opportunities.


  • Annual & Special Campaign Teams – plan for and extend invitations for faith-led responses to support our ministries.
  • Financial Committee – advises the Treasurer and leadership in the stewardship of our resources.
  • Enduring Gifts Fund – oversees and advises our ministry endowment fund.

Service & Advocacy

  • Global Missions – directs our international partnerships with particular emphasis in Tanzania through Bega Kwa Bega.
  • Social Concerns – directs our efforts to love our neighbors closer to home.
  • Senior Ministry – advocates or organizes around the needs and concerns of our elders.
  • Ministry Partnerships:
    • Habitat for Humanity / Holy Hammers
    • Meals on Wheels
    • Every Meal
    • Lyngblomsten and The Gathering
    • Camp Wapogasset

Community Life

  • Fellowship & Hospitality – plans and coordinates events that connect and support the church through meals and conversation.  Supports our funeral and special event ministries.  Plans for Sunday morning hospitality.
  • OKs – plans monthly luncheons with programs for the older kids of our community.
  • Befrienders – supports our congregational care through regular contact and visitation with community members.
  • New Members – welcomes visitors and newcomers, orienting them to and weaving them into our life together.

Property & Administration

  • Personnel Committee – provides administrative leadership in the support of our paid staff.
  • Monday Morning Crew – tackles regular cleaning, maintenance and special projects to support our life together.
  • Friday Morning Crew – provide administrative support, assemble mailings, support office functions, etc.
  • Lawn Dawgs – care for the larger campus, mowing and tending to the landscaping.
  • Project Teams – need-based groups that assemble to care for our property, inside and out.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the ministry teams that give life to Prince of Peace and extend our mission into the world. If there’s another way you would like to serve this community – please contact the office to let us know.