During the “Liberating Structures” process to re-imagine the organization of our ministries, the Council identified five “values” they believe sit at the core of our church identity, driving our understanding of the mission of the church.  This week’s devotions will focus on one of these identified values each day.  Be sure to check out yesterday’s devotion on the first value – relationship.

“I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

The next of our identified key values to explore is “generosity.”  This is of no surprise to me as our community of faith has demonstrated its commitment to this value time and again in the almost six years that I have served among you.  The list of examples demonstrating the generosity of this congregation is long and its witness is a powerful one.

It can be tempting to limit our thinking of generosity to financial matters, but God has instilled a sense of generosity into almost every aspect of our life together.  We can be generous with the time we invest into the mission of the church.  We can be comparably generous in sharing the skills and abilities that are unique to individuals but also of great value to the collective.  The more generous we are with ourselves, the more delightful the possibilities.

How have you experienced the generosity of this congregation?  What has been made possible because of this generous spirit?  In what other ways might we be even more generous with one another and with our neighbors?

As you contemplate these questions today, remember the generosity that God has already poured into your life.  The abundance of blessings, not just financial, that have filled you up are now available to be shared with those around you.  Keep your eyes open for the next opportunity to be generous and to enjoy what results.

May God’s peace come to you this day. -Pastor Peter

Let us pray…

God of abundance, you fill our cups to overflowing.  We rejoice in the gifts you have first given us and we put them to work in service to your mission for the world.  Help us to be ever more generous with ourselves and with one another.  Amen.