Today’s Author: Christer Cederberg

In 1 Kings 5:5 Solomon says he will build a house, but how does he decide where to build?  Often, it’s better to build where people already live and work, but then finding the land and preparing it may be difficult.

In 2008, Prince of Peace decided to prepare for something yet not known.  Next to our church was a parcel of land with a small house, the “Annex”, which was of little value. Our leadership reached out to the city, and one day the Roseville Fire Department burnt the house down as a training exercise for our skilled fire fighters. Maybe what they learned in that “live action” later would help them save a life in “real action”.

Some city leaders also suited up in full gear and went inside the burning house accompanied by firefighters searching for potential people in the smoke. Perhaps that was the moment our leaders recognized the need for the state-of-the-art fire station that was later completed in Roseville in October of 2013.

Let us pray:
Deepen our practices of hospitality and outreach. Transform us through your gifts of mercy and forgiveness. Fill us with compassion and inspire us to lives of generosity and service. Amen.
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