Photo by Tom Pumford on Unsplash

Pastor Ruth’s devotion from Tuesday got me thinking this week and given my background in the hospitality business, passing up Jesus’ banquet-themed parables (Luke 14:7-24) just wasn’t going to happen.  All this talk of galas and great feasts brings the memories flooding back for me.  Like Ruth & Marc, Anne and I have also attended our fair share of fancy affairs, making small talk with strangers, sampling lukewarm hors d’oeuvres and clapping politely during the speeches.  We’ve certainly cut back on the gala circuit since my shift into full-time ministry but, curiously, we were just saying how this time of Covid isolation has brought out fonder memories of past social events and a longing to have those experiences again.

As a restaurateur with a banquet and catering operation, I also hosted my fair share of parties.  Today, I’m reminded that one of my goals in planning and hosting events was to put on such a great party that the greatest regrets would be held by those who didn’t come.  My favorite regulars were the folks who reserved a spot for every event, regardless of the menu, because they had faith that what we were planning wasn’t to be missed.

Is there anyone in your life who, when they extend an invitation, you always jump at the chance to join them?  What is it about them that makes you so eager?

God’s invitation to come and enjoy this world in the way God has set before us is here for you now.  This is a remarkable opportunity and skipping it only means regret.  So, what’s keeping you from joining today, right now? 

May peace find you this day.  -Pastor Peter

Let us pray:
We are turning, Lord, to hear you, see you, and know you.  You are merciful and kind, slow to anger, rich in blessings. With every twist and turn, lead our steps back to your grace and your mercy. Lead us in your ways of new life, forgiveness, and re-creation.  We pray in the name of Christ, the one who reveals your love, Amen.