The Ramsey County Children’s Mental Health Collaborative has put out a call to faith communities for volunteers to help ease the strain on our mental health resources in this time of unprecedented challenges to families with children and teens. 

Here is a letter from the director of the collaborative, Wendy Goodman:

Dear Community Volunteers,

Isolation, challenges with distance learning, and at-home stressors are pushing our youth and families to a breaking point.

Youth and family service providers are working long hours, experiencing their own crises, and doing their best to avoid compassion fatigue. Metro hospitals (who are now struggling with capacity issues due to COVID-19) say there has been a sharp increase in mental health ER visits.  Mobile Crisis Response teams (youth and adult) are overwhelmed. Schools report too many disengaged and failing students. And experts warn about a rise in “behind-closed-doors” abuse, sexual assault, neglect, domestic violence, and cyber exploitation.

I’m worried that the existing support net of community resources is insufficient to prevent a mental health crisis that is rapidly becoming unmanageable. My hope is that community volunteers may be able to help alleviate some of the strain on our crisis response, education, and hospital systems.

In the past, I’ve been amazed by community members who come together and move mountains that nobody else could move on their own. I truly believe that the only way to make it through this crisis is by working together. RCCMHC will act as a connector, trainer, and supporter. We welcome your wisdom, experience, and generous spirits!

Wendy Goodman
RCCMHC, Executive Director

Mental health experience is helpful, but other skills such as data entry are also needed.

For more information or questions please contact Michael Stetzler.