Are you excited about the ways that Prince of Peace is living out God’s mission in the world? Does you have ideas for how to accomplish even more with what God has given to us? Would you like to partner and collaborate with others in the congregation and with our staff to make ministry happen? If you said “yes” to any of these questions, then it might just be the right time for you to step into a key leadership role for our congregation.

The Congregation Council consists of active members of our community of faith who are willing to support the work we share by offering guidance, counsel and oversight while working alongside our pastors to insure that the mission of our faith community (to build up the church and to love the world) is made possible through all that we do. Would you be interested in serving in one of these positions?

If you are, check out all the options below and then have a conversation with any pastor or member of our Nominating Committee: James Erickson, Jim Josephson, and Milt Warkentien.

Executive Committee

These are the four “officers” of the congregation and together with the Lead Pastor function as the primary Administrative Committee of the congregation. Practically, they serve as a sounding board for the pastoral team. The officers of the congregation serve one-year terms and may serve no more than three consecutive terms.

President – is the primary lay leader of the congregation and sits at the head of the congregation council. The President chairs all meetings of the council and the congregation. They also have official responsibilities as a signatory on behalf of the congregation in legal matters. In consultation with pastors, the President sets the agenda for the work of the council. The President also serves on the Personnel Committee and any Call Committee in the event of a pastoral vacancy. Asitha Sandanayake is our current President and his term ends January, 2021. He is not seeking re-election. Michael Stetzler, our current Secretary has agreed to have his named forwarded to be elected in January.

Vice President – supports the work of the council, stepping in to lead meetings in the absence of the President. They are a signatory on our financial accounts. The Vice President also serves on the Personnel Committee and any Call Committee in the event of a pastoral vacancy. Kim Wetteland is our current Vice President and her 2nd term ends January, 2021. She is seeking re-election.

Treasurer – provides financial oversight for the full range of fiscal matters of the congregation. They are the primary signatory on all of our financial accounts. The treasurer monitors and reviews the work of our staff Bookkeeper and Office Administrator, overseeing the financial health of the congregation as it is reported to the council and congregation. The Treasurer chairs the Finance Committee which makes recommendations to the council on investments or other financial concerns. Chris Thornton is our current Treasurer and his term ends January, 2021. He is term-limited from re-election. This position is OPEN.

Secretary – in addition to being a voice within the Executive Committee, the Secretary is the official recorder of the minutes for the council and the congregation. Works in coordination with our staff Office Administrator on the maintenance of the official records of the church. Michael Stetzler is our current secretary and his 1st term ends January, 2021. He is now seeking election to serve as President. This position is OPEN.

Congregation Life Representatives

The remainder of the Congregation Council is comprised of up to seven additional members of the congregation plus the pastors. As a whole, the Congregation Council is tasked with holding the various mission and ministry activities of the church accountable to its mission and any direction established by the congregation. Currently, each Congregation Life Representative is affiliated with a different facet of the ministry of the church: Worship & Music, Property, Stewardship & Generosity, Youth & Young Adults, Education & Faith Formation, Service & Advocacy, and Community Life. The affiliations provide for a flow of information between the various operating committees, ministry areas, project groups, or interested laity and the congregation council. Some Congregation Life Representatives serve on committees within their affiliated area but this is not a requirement to serve on the council. They represent the entire congregation’s concerns in their discernment and decision making. Congregation Life Representatives are elected to two-year terms and may serve two consecutive terms.

Current Congregation Life Representatives (CLR)Ministry Affiliation
Barbara Burkhardt, completing 1st term, running for re-electionEducation & Faith Formation
Deborah Cordes, 1st term completes January 2022Stewardship & Generosity
Esther Tatley, completing 2nd term, not eligible for re-election, OPEN – see below.Community Life
OPEN – see below.Youth & Young Adult
OPEN – see below.Worship & Music
OPEN – see below.Service & Advocacy

Education & Faith Formation CLR is connected with Children’s Ministry, Confirmation, HS Youth and Young Adult (in conjunction with Youth & YA CLR), Adult Education, Book Studies, etc.

Stewardship & Generosity CLR is connected with the Stewardship Committee, Generosity Committee, Annual Giving Campaign, etc.

Community Life CLR is connected with Fellowship Committee, Funeral & Event Hospitality, Congregation Care, Befrienders, Senior Ministry, Wellness Committee, Women’s Circles, etc. Lea Thornton is seeking election for this position.

Youth & young Adult CLR is connected with our Junior High, High School and Young Adults and any other ministry group of interest. Teruni Sandanayake is seeking election for this position.

Property CLR is connected with our Grounds Committee, Monday Morning Crew, Building Committee, Capital Improvement & Implementation Committee, etc.

Worship & Music CLR is connected with our Big IDEA Team, Creative Arts Team, Worship Committee, Music Ministries, Service in Worship, etc. Ryan Miller is seeking election for this position.

Service & Advocacy CLR is connected with our Social Concerns Committee, Global Mission Committee, Bega Kwa Bega, Affordable Housing Team, etc. Deb Mosby is seeking election for this position.


The Congregation Council currently meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm. Meetings generally last 1.5 to 2 hours. A quorum, necessary to take official action, is at least half of the active council present. We currently meet over Zoom and are finding this to be an effective way to stay efficient in our work. Connecting virtually will likely remain an option into the future. On occasion special meetings are called as are electronic meetings for the purpose of approving important business of church. Any current council member would be willing to discuss their experience of serving.

Other Opportunities

In addition to council leadership positions, we also need congregation members to serve as Synod Delegates or on the Audit or Nominating Committee (these positions are also elected by the congregation in January). Beyond this, every standing or ad hoc committee and task force of the church needs active members and ministry chairs. There are lots of ways and places to get involved! Check in with any pastor or staff member for more information.