Over the next few weeks, Pastor Betsy is collaborating with her niece Claire on something new called Sunday School Skit Time. 

“Claire came up with the idea. She’d been sick recently and had to give up cross country running, which she loves. But she also loves kids and has never had a chance to teach Sunday School, although she and her brother Eric often act as my ‘consultants,’” said Pastor Betsy.

Claire wrote the skit plus the words and music to the Sunday School Skit Song. “It was in my history class that I learned how to explain complicated stories so people can understand them. That works for the Bible too!” she said.

The Sunday School skits follow the same stories that we hear in worship. In addition to the weekly 5-minute video, At-Home Sunday School materials and a color page are posted on the Prince of Peace website. 

Claire is 15 and a 9th grader who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is active in her church youth group and asks lots of faith questions. 


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