10 years ago, the principal at Sheridan Elementary told us her students didn’t have enough food on the weekends and asked if we could help. In response, we started The Sheridan Story (named after the school) and in the last 10 years, we’ve provided over  SIX million meals to Minnesota children in over 400 different locations! THANK YOU for your part in making this possible and for changing the story of child hunger for tens of thousands of children.

 Since the beginning, we’ve strived to get food to the kids who need it the most and in a manner that retains their dignity. Last month, I learned of a barrier to this goal – our namesake, Sheridan Elementary, is named after Philip Sheridan, who committed terrible acts against and made terrible statements about Indigenous peoples, playing a significant role in spreading racial stereotypes across the country.
To best support the children and families in our community, including those from Indigenous backgrounds, and to no longer associate ourselves with Philip Sheridan, we’ve decided to change the name of the organization to …

While the catalyst for the name change is not positive, the name and path forward is very exciting. Every Meal better reflects our mission to ensure children living with food insecurity get every meal they need, not just those provided by their school’s free or reduced lunch programs. It also reflects the tremendous growth of our organization since its inception in 2010. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary this month, we look forward to deepening our impact in the community. Every Meal is our new name, but our mission to fight child hunger remains as strong as ever.


Rob Williams
Founder and Executive Director