If you grew up in a congregation, from the time you were young, you have known about the story of Adam, Eve, the apple, and that crafty serpent. I’m not sure who gets a worse reputation in this story: Eve, who is always blamed; Adam, who goes along but points a finger at Eve later; the serpent, for being a manipulator; or the apple, just because it was tempting and pretty. 

This story reminds me that even when things are good, really good, it’s easy for relationships to crack, our connectedness to crack, and our compassion to crack. We become disconnected when we point fingers, misuse resources, get crafty to get our way, and generally try to hide our sinful self from God. The story of creation could have ended right there. God could have said, “well, this didn’t go as I planned. Start over!”  But that isn’t what happened. From almost the very beginning we learn that disconnection has consequences, but it is never permanent. God keeps creating and keeps desiring to be in relationship with us and all creation. 

Friends in Christ, the cracks in creation are not the end, for God’s grace never ends. Maybe you have noticed a few cracks in your corner of the world lately. May the knowledge and experience of God’s grace strengthen you to reach out in love to repair the cracks, and may you trust that God is still creating in you. 

In Peace and Hope, Pastor Ruth