The little park near my house is littered with acorns. These little nuts cover parts of the sidewalk: some intact, some crushed, some stripped by squirrels, some just the cute little caps. As I walk my dog she sniffs every acorn, I marvel at the difference in size between the acorn in my hand and the tree that is shading my path. 

Oak trees are often symbols of strength and righteousness; the first oak tree being mentioned occurs in Genesis 12. Isn’t it amazing that nature can create symbols of strength and righteousness from little nuts? Isn’t it amazing that God picks the little and the commonplace to reveal God’s glory? When we stop on the path of life long enough to look around, it doesn’t take long before we see that nature and God are masters at using little seeds to grow valuable, majestic things. Little things like acorns become oak trees, mustard seeds become trees that house birds, acts of kindness become mercy, bread and wine become forgiveness and presence, water becomes a mark of belonging, a little bit of faith becomes wholeness, healing becomes new life. Think back through your life: where did little things grow into God’s glory? May we each stop long enough to notice how little seeds grow into life-giving grace. 

In Peace and Hope, Pastor Ruth