Check out a hymnal to use while we continue Sundays-At-Home

Remember when your elementary school classroom had a pet gerbil or snake or goldfish and someone got to take home the pet so it would be cared for over Christmas break? Remember how much you always wanted to be that person or how proud you were if you happened to be the lucky name drawn out of the hat? It’s time to relive that joy from oh so long ago!

Our hymnals are lonely and would love the chance to spend some time with you at your home in the coming weeks and months. Would you consider watching over one or two of them while we continue to be the church, scattered but not separated? Caring for a hymnal couldn’t be easier…

  • Hymnals don’t need to be fed. But there are prayers contained inside that you could read at meal times.
  • Hymnals don’t need baths. But they might help you remember your own baptism.
  • Hymnals do like to be sung to from time to time. Conveniently, they’re filled with music, some of which is featured in our weekly worship services and will make it so easy to sing along. You can even earn bonus points with your hymnal by singing a line other than the melody.
  • Hymnals do like to have their pages tickled. As you thumb through the variety of liturgies, prayers, and music, discover how poets, whether ancient or contemporary, describe a God who loves us and will never let us go.

When this time of social distancing has passed, you’ll be invited to return your hymnals so they may be reunited with all their friends once more – just like the rest of us!

To check out a hymnal…

  • Come to an upcoming Park & Pray Wednesday service.
  • Stop by Sidewalk Sunday School on Sunday, Sept. 27 at 11am.
  • Drive by PoP’s front door on Sunday, Sept. 27 from 2:30-3pm or 5-5:30pm.
  • Call the office to arrange for a pick up time or ask to have it delivered by a volunteer.