In our scripture from Sunday we heard the story of Abram doubting God’s promises.  In the midst of his doubts, God invites Abram to look toward the heaven and count the stars. God holds a space that is as wide and deep as the night sky.  This tender, middle of the night wondering reveals God to be compassionate beyond all measure in the face of doubt, fear, uncertainty.   God creates a holy pause for Abram to name his doubts, question, worry, poke and prod and God doesn’t give up on Abram. God creates space for Abram’s faith, which includes noticing the mess, the emptiness and discomfort, and letting it be there until some light returns.  

The same holds true for us. God says to us, “Do not be afraid, come, look up at the heavens.” This moment under the stars is enough to take our breath away as we sink into God’s promises, not having to understand them or see the end, but knowing that God loves us so much that God promises love and grace greater than the number of stars in the sky. 

Children of God, like Abram we will have times of great faith and bravery, and times of messing up and acting cowardly. We will have times when we set off to answer God’s call in confidence full of trust, and times when the struggles and doubts will keep us up at night. And God holds a space of compassion for us that is as wide and deep as the night sky. Look up, count the stars, and rest in the promise that nothing can separate us.

In Peace, Pastor Ruth

God of covenant, As you promised Abraham descendants as numerous as the stars, you have also promised us that we might live under those stars as your people, faithful and loved. Show us how to live as your people, and how to nurture all your children with whom we share the same canopy of sky night after night. Amen.