Coloring is one of those fun and relaxing activities enjoyed by adults as well as kids.  Along with our summer sermon series, we have asked members of the congregation to create coloring pages.

For the HopeFULL series (July 19-August 23) Michael Stetzler is drawing the coloring pages.  After retiring from a career in state government, Michael has had more time for his love of drawing, in particular as a caricature artist.  He is also an active volunteer at Prince of Peace serving on the Affordable Housing Team and as secretary of the Church Council.   

Earlier this summer, Ashwini Sandanayake created coloring sheets for people of all ages to go with our Love in Action sermon series.  Ashwini loves to draw and she will be a high school sophomore in the fall.  The Love in Action series explores the Book of Ruth, which focuses on the daily lives of two women, Ruth and Naomi.  Ruth’s incredible loyalty and dedication to her mother-in-law shows incredible love, much like God’s deep love for us.   A new color sheet for each week of the series will be posted on the Prince of Peace website.