PoP’s Affordable Housing Team has been meeting since March to learn about the challenges of homelessness and unstable housing in our community.  As part of the Virtual Potluck discussions, people asked what would the timeline look like if affordable housing were to be built on our property?  What is the decision making process?  When will the congregation have input?  When will the congregation get to vote?  

In response, the Affordable Housing Team created this timeline to outline the process of continuing to explore the idea of affordable housing on the PoP campus.  


  • July – Survey of the congregation due August 1
  • End of July – Review and provide input on Request for Information, the document we will send to developers to have them apply to work with us on the project
  • September – participate in Zoom interviews with the potential developers.  Provide feedback to Affordable Housing Team members and Church Council regarding the potential developers prior to Council action to select a developer.  The Council as the elected leaders of the congregation have the authority to make this decision because the congregation incurs no financial obligation at this point in time and selecting a developer is to help us decide if we will go forward with the project
  • Fall 2020 – The Affordable Housing Team and the developer will hold educational sessions and informational meetings with the congregation
  • Congregational vote on Generosity Committee recommendation regarding how to spend the remaining money from the Diestler estate – time TBD
  • January 2021 Semi-Annual Meeting:  Congregational vote on (1) Do we move forward with this project?  (2) If we receive congregation approval, city approvals, and state funding, do we sell the land to the developer for the purpose of building affordable housing?
  • Winter/Spring 2021 – Advocate for project with the city and receive city approvals
  • June 2021 – Developer applies for money from State of Minnesota (there is only one opportunity per year)
  • November 2021 – Receive response from State about funding
  • Winter 2022 – Finalize design and construction documents
  • Spring 2022 – Construction could begin with a 2023 completion

Like any timeline, it is subject to change based on the circumstances that arise along the way.  The mailing that went out to the congregation is also attached below.