Prince of Peace has adopted Central Park in Roseville.  Thus we are responsible for picking up trash in the park so that it looks nice and is welcoming to visitors.  This year parks are getting more use than ever as people spend time outside walking and biking. 

In the past we’ve done trash pickup as a group project as pictured in the photo from God’s Work Our Hands Sunday last fall.  Because we cannot get together in person, we’re going to do this virtually.  We invite you to take a trash bag and wear gloves and walk through Central Park west (the portion of the park with the lake between Lexington and Victoria), picking up trash.  Then send us a photo of yourself with your trash bag and we’ll collect and post all the pictures.  You can also do this in your neighborhood and other parks. 

 Happy trash collecting!

Toni Sveom picking it up.
Steve Sveom caring for creation.