Are you curious about how Tanzania is faring during the COVID-19 situation?  We received a report from the Friends of Huruma sharing how the pandemic is impacting the Huruma Center in Iringa Tanzania.  All of the schools and training centers in the country have been closed, so 29 students have returned to the Huruma Center to shelter in place.  The children and staff have received training on hand washing techniques and social distancing.  The children must remain in the compound and there are significant limits on outside visitors.  However, the staff and children are aware of the challenges that we in the United States are facing and they are praying for us in this difficult time!

The Huruma center is facing some financial challenges – with the increase in the number of children sheltering in place, their operational costs have increased.  In addition, Iringa has been hit hard with heavy rains and they expect that their food crops will be negatively impacted. The children at the Huruma Center plant maize and their fields this year have flooded.

Prince of Peace has received a $2000 matching grant for Friends of Huruma.  One of our Lenten offerings was designated for Friends of Huruma and we have received a bit over 25% of the amount needed to help us meet the match.

If you have the ability to help financially support Friends of Huruma during this time to help us meet the match, you can send your donations to the office, or click on the link above and make a special donation online (type “Huruma” for a Special Designation).  Regardless of whether you can provide financial support, your prayers are always welcome and appreciated.  You can reach the full report and see a few more pictures in the link below.