Prince of Peace just received a packet of thank you letters from 10 of our sponsored students.  All 10 are students at Bomalang’ombe Secondary School.  These were students sponsored for the 2019 school year and all are receiving scholarships in 2020 as well. 

The students share their favorite school subjects and some of their dreams of the future.  A few quotes:

“… I’m just studying twelve subjects but I prefer much science subject like Biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics my dream is to become engineer so as to help my country totally to improve our infrastructure”

“how are you?  God is good all the time all the time God is good that is nature. …  Welcome the guests at Bomalang’ombe Secondary School feel as at home and enjoyed with us and be blessed by God”

“I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ am say thank for helped my parents for to pay school fees of me.  … I want to be doctor”

“I write this letter to say thank you for your cooperation to help me a school fee so God bless you and I finish form four and I pass well my examination.  I want to continue to study because education is better than life without study.  I want to be a teacher”

A packet of all the letters is on the bulletin board in the hallway by the offices.  Please continue to pray for our students!