What’s most important to know about this campaign?

Your “Regular Annual Giving” helps to fund our operations and on-going ministry here at Prince of Peace.  This pays salary and benefits for our staff, maintains our facilities and resources for all of our programming.  Plus, at least 10% of all the support we receive is sent back out again as it is shared with the ELCA, the St. Paul Area Synod and our numerous mission partners.

And, because we’re a growing ministry and not immune to regular increases in the cost of supplies, wages, and other operational expenses, our income needs to grow as well.  Increases in your giving help us offset the pressures of rising costs without cutting back on our ministry.  With your committed support, we’re able to be the church God is calling us to be.  Thank you!

What are the trends of supporting our on-going annual needs?

During the fiscal year that ended in June of 2019, we received tithes, offerings and other income totaling $511,000 towards budgeted expenses of $543,000 (6% shortfall).  With careful oversight, we minimized our expenses over the last few years to remain financially positive but we have not been able to fully fund our mission and programming.  Now that our pastoral leadership team is in place and with your help, we hope to fully fund our ministries in the year ahead.

What is the status of the Parking Lot Campaign?

The resurfaced parking lot was completed this past June and we blessed it on Rally Sunday in September.  The entire project cost just over $150,000.  We are in the first year of a 3-year campaign which has just over $120,000 in pledged commitments.  To date, we have received $60,000 and expect that will need to find an additional $30,000 to fully fund the project.  Thanks to all who have been supporting this campaign.  You are welcome to make an additional gift or pledge in support on this year’s Commitment Card.

What is happening with the Rose Diestler Estate Gift?

Rose Diestler left Prince of Peace her home and her remaining investments.  Proceeds from the sale of the contents ($6000) were dedicated in support of Youth Ministry.  The Generosity Committee continues its work in discernment towards a recommendation for the assets (approx. $750,000), to be presented in early 2020. While this gift is providing a significant boost to fulfilling our mission, it will not support on-going general fund expenses.

Read the latest update from the Generosity Committee.

How does automated giving work?

Once you decide how much of a gift you would like to make and how often you would like Prince of Peace to receive your gift, you just need to determine which bank account you would like to have accessed when making this gift.  Then there are two options for setting up automated giving: 1) instruct your bank to send us a regular gift (you’ll need our mailing address and phone number) or 2) set up an account with VANCO (formerly SimplyGiving) which will deduct a regular gift from your bank account or charged to a credit card.

Our office staff can help you through this process, just give us a call at 651-484-4144.  There is more information about automated giving, including a link to VANCO here.

Can I make changes once automated giving is set up?

Yes!  Both your bank and VANCO have easy ways to update the amount or timing of your automated giving.  Again, our office staff can always talk you through this process.

What if I can’t be at worship on Commitment Sunday, November 24?

Just drop off or mail your commitment card to the office anytime this month.  Or, fill out your Commitment Card ONLINE.  Thank you!