This past September, as we were completing the first year of ministry under our new staffing configuration, we launched into a new program year with the charge to “Listen.  Learn.  Love.”  We’re taking on the challenge and going deeper together as we answer God’s call to be the church in this place for the sake of the whole world.  Our combined financial support of this mission has made our ministry together tangible in countless ways.  In particular, our faith formation and congregational care efforts are being re-imagined and growing in capacity.  As a result, we’re uncovering new ways of being the church today and your support of these efforts is so very appreciated.

While many wonderful things are starting to emerge, we also need to recognize that our current financial support of this ministry needs a corresponding growth to achieve sustainability.  To keep expanding our Children, Youth & Family Ministries, to offer even more programming and support for our Senior Ministries, to continue responding to the growing needs of our neighbors, to maintain vibrant, transformative worship on Sunday mornings, all of these require expanding resources.  This fall we’re asking for your support in three important ways:

  • Listen.  Take note of all that God is doing through this church.  There are so many stories to be told about the impact of our work together.  Listen to where you heart is filled and consider how God might need you to come even closer.
  • Learn.  Though we do so much, our needs are still greater than our income.  Very little of what we do could be possible without your generosity.  Regular gifts fund the on-going ministries of this congregation, maintain our facility, and provide financial support to our many ministry partners.  But, know that as our basic expenses continue to rise, we’re struggling to continue expanding our impact.  We need your help.
  • Love.  Make a pledge to support this annual giving campaign.  Consider taking a step to increase your annual support that will enable us to achieve greater sustainability of the important work God is doing through this community of faith. We hope to grow our combined giving by 10% to meet our needs.  Will you grow with us?

Prince of Peace continues to be blessed by your presence and your generosity- thank you!  As you consider your financial commitment for the coming year, know that you are making a real difference in God’s world and in the lives of God’s people.

For answers to some commonly asked questions, click here.

To aid in your discernment on how best to participate in the campaign, read the Discernment Prayer here.

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