Tuesday was an extremely busy day! We started at Lyamko Primary school. The kids are great singers and dancers, and they have their own band! They are using the recorders that we brought in 2017.

Vikongwa preaching point was next. Again, great singing and dancing, and we learned that they have grown to a size that they are considering spinning off into a new congregation! Some of the criteria to form a new congregation is a certain membership level, a certain giving level, a church building, and a house for the pastor. After our meeting we visited evangelist Asha in her home, and then saw the house they would use for a new pastor. We also received gifts for prayer partners.

Mifugo was next, and always has such beautifu flowers. The evangelist house isn’t ready to live in yet, but they recently added wiring for electricity.

The next stop was Bomalang’ombe Secondary school. We got a tour of the campus, lunch, and then we gave an overview and demonstration of the new laptop and projector that Bega kwa Bega is providing for all their Secondary schools. The laptops are.loaded with lots of educational materials and videos

Back at the parish, we visited the Iringa Hope SACCOS (microfinance) and AMCOS (agricultural coop) group. The recently completed a building which we met in. We heard great stories of the impact the group is having.

We finished the day with a partnership meeting to share ideas

Lyamko Primary School

The band. The recorders are from our 2017 trip

Vikongwa preaching point

Evangelist Asha dancing

We tried to dance also

The first of many prayer partner gift pictures!

The house for the pastor when Vikongwa becomes it’s own congregation


Drawings from children

Evangelist house with new wiring

Widows and goats

Bomalang’ombe Secondary school library

Lunch Bega kwa Bega

After lunch, we dance!

Us with some of the staff

Office at at new SACCOS and AMCOS building

Sharing stories

He used his profits to send his daughter to tailoring classes – she made the shirt he is wearing!

New prayer partners

New prayer partners

Partnership meeting