Sunday afternoon we met with the Widow’s group that is raising goats. We heard how the program is going and some of early challenges they faced. There 5 newborn goats now. The goats are for milking and one of the widows told everyone that she is drinking the goats milk and it is delicious and very healthy!

Before dinner we had the chance to walk down to the town. Our local tour guide was Partnersip chair Anderson Mdeke. There will be a major road construction coming which unfortunately means that many houses and shops are in the process of being remove. Part of Bomalang’ombe Lutheran Church is also scheduled for demolition.

Anderson showed us the new shops that are being built, including his dispensary and his wife’s shop.

Since we couldn’t get a passport and Visa for our new chicken, we decided to gift it to retired pastor Msula.

After dinner we had a chance to get a cooking lesson. We learned how to make ugali and chapati. We all took a turn at cooking a chapati and then taste testing.

Widows offering a thank you gift

One of the new shops belonging to a congregation member

Anderson Mdeke in his dispensary shop

Making way for the new road

Sunset over the hills of Bomalang’ombe

New owner of the chicken!