Photo by AH NP on Unsplash

On Sunday, we’ll again encounter the story of the Gerasene demoniac, a man possessed by numerous demons who lived among the tombs, isolated and tormented. When Jesus arrives, he doesn’t turn away in fear or judgment. Instead, he approaches with compassion and offers healing. This story teaches us profound lessons about the importance of caring for those who are suffering, especially in matters of mental health.

As a community of faith, our core value of “caring” is not just about offering prayers or kind words; it’s about taking tangible actions to alleviate the pain and burdens of others. Supporting access to mental health care resources is a crucial way of living out this value.

Just as Jesus didn’t shy away from the Gerasene demoniac’s struggles, we shouldn’t turn a blind eye to the mental health challenges facing members of our community. By advocating for and providing access to mental health care, we demonstrate our commitment to walking alongside those who are hurting, offering them the love, support, and resources they need to find healing and wholeness.

Furthermore, prioritizing mental health care aligns with our call to emulate Jesus’ example of love and compassion. Just as Jesus saw beyond the demons to the person beneath, we are called to see beyond the stigma surrounding mental illness and recognize the inherent dignity and worth of every individual.

Ultimately, supporting access to mental health care resources isn’t just a practical necessity; it’s a deeply spiritual act of love and solidarity, honoring our core value of “caring” and reflecting the transformative power of God’s healing grace.

May God’s peace find you today. -Pastor Peter

Let us pray… Lord, grant us the wisdom and compassion to support mental health care, honor our core value of caring, and mirror the love you have for all. Amen.