Today’s author is Prince of Peace member and council president, Deb Cordes.

“They went out and fled from the tomb for terror and amazement had seized them and they said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid.” Peter’s sermon Sunday reminded me that as people of God we are amazed, fearful, hopeful, despairing and willing all at the same time. We can fly in fright then turn around and walk into those fears in faith.

We speak of being call to love the world and build the church. The mission is HUGE and can feel insurmountable. And yet, Prince of Peace has made leap after leap of faith….perhaps even stepped off a cliff or two to meet God’s directive to love the world and build the church.

More than 10 – 15 years ago. (OK, I’m old enough that I can’t remember the exact date) Prince of Peace was at a crossroad. Money was tight, really tight. Staff did not receive raises. While bills were paid, the constant was the mortgage and the ability to pay the next one.  It was budget time and all that was being considered was where to cut. In the midst of this discussion, one person suggested we tithe monthly to benevolence!  (Most thought – are you crazy!) After much discussion, the words that made me vote in favor (as did the rest of the council) that we were in God’s hands and if we did out part, all would work out. Sometimes you just make a leap of faith.

When the City of Roseville reached out to us to allow a person in car stay in out parking lot and use our facilities, there was discussion around safety and responsibility. Again, the answer had to be yes even knowing the potential messiness involved.

Together, we took a bold step when we built the first sacred settlement home and welcomed our new neighbors in. It wasn’t easy and the team that worked to make this happen are bold evangelists for God’s love and the ability for response. We are not done yet either.

We became a Reconciled in Christ congregation. So many assumed we already were a Reconciled community and there was no question that all are welcome. BUT for some, it was a tougher decision yet they continue to put their faith that God is at the heart of our work.   

Throughout all this, the same questions arose. What next Lord? Yes, I am left with that question – what else Lord are you calling us to do and be? Is Prince of Peace ready to take the next step forward to build the church and love the world – again? Am I ready? We are called to gather our neighbors in.  How do we build the church?  Am I enough? Are we enough? Where is faith when we talk about the realities of limited resources or money? What are we waiting for? What does it mean to “step boldly forward” and proclaim God? Are we ready? Am I ready?

For today and tomorrow, God, let me ponder how I might/can/will respond to those questions when called to “step forward boldly” in God’s name to love the world and build the church. You know my fears and yet, I know you are with me. In my failures and my successes, let me feel Your grace. Let me know I am enough and with each other in this community of God, we are enough to carry out Your mission.