Today’s author is Prince of Peace member, Gary Olson.

Photo by Jordan Wozniak on Unsplash

Mark 1:1-20

In this beginning
there is a prophet
whose name is John.

Mark quotes others
who came before him:
Malachi, Isaiah.
With quill and scroll
they pointed to the coming Messiah.

But John was forerunner,
preparer, announcer
of the One to come.

These three and more
were tenders of God’s
watercourse of love.
They did not block
it, they let it flow.
It was their calling.

A new year begins
so many ages
after John
and still God’s love
in Christ flows into
creation, to us –
and seeks to flow
through us to others.

We must not plug
God’s course but tend
it well so it
will trickle, or pour
through us in deed
and word to a world
so badly in need –
good news for all.

– Gary K. Olson

Prayer: Dear Lord, the life you give us is so full of beginnings. May we know the flow of your love into our lives as we begin the new year and may we be channels of your love flowing to our neighbors. Amen